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Engine power

110 kW

Load length

2,324 to 2,724

Load volume

5.8m3 to 6.7m3


943 to 1,035 kg

The icon updated

Ever since the first Transporter van rolled off the production line 70 years ago, it has set the benchmark. Back with a new edition, the Transporter panel van is designed for those who get the job done. With a redesigned front end and interior, total connectivity, and more space than ever before, it’s a van you’ll soon fall in love with. Plus with Volkswagen’s latest driver assistance systems and optional 4MOTION AWD, you can drive in total confidence.


Fit for your business

The Volkswagen Transporter is built with the space to grow. Including countless options to customise your van to the changing needs of your business.

The Transporter has been named Company Vehicle Van of the Year for 2022. The Transporter and its various generations have been busy, working for tradespeople, delivery services, and service providers.

Designed for you

The ‘Transporter’ and its various generations have been busy, working for tradespeople, delivery services and service providers. And during this time, it has evolved as a practical solution for transport and a benchmark for an entire vehicle class. One thing was and has always been important to this vehicle and that’s doing the best possible job for you.


Versatile for any job site

Lots of cargo. Lots of traffic. Lots of stops. The Transporter 6.1 Delivery Van helps you with everything that awaits at work and beyond. Thanks to an extra low loading edge, impressive load compartment height and a range of different variants. With a 2.5 tonne towing capacity and space for up to three-euro pallets you can be confident you have the right tools for your trade. 


Extra impressive

Payload and volume

Its name still says it all

Prepared for the heaviest of loads, the Transporter van can accommodate a load volume ranging from 5.8m3 to 9.3m3 With space for up to three Euro pallets, depending on your chosen wheelbase. So you can move more in a single trip.

Length and roof height

Ready for any job, no matter the size

The Transporter van is perfect for all kinds of businesses, with two different wheelbases available. The Transporter’s short wheelbase comes with a vehicle length of 4,904mm, and a roof height of 1,990mm, so that you can carry more. Looking for even more space? The Transporter’s long wheelbase is your best bet. With 5,304mm in vehicle length and up to 2,477mm in roof height, when you order the high roof.

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Loading solutions

Loaded with ideas

Anyone who spends their time on the road needs the most up to date transport solutions to keep their business moving. So, we have come up with a few ideas for you. Transport extra large, wide or valuable deliveries with as little effort as possible. With easily accessed dual sliding doors and load compartment plus, lashing eyes to secure your cargo.

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Ergonomic Workstation

Stress free days

It’s your job to make sure that all the materials and your entire team get from A to B every day. That’s why the Transporter 6.1 makes sure that you’re comfortable doing so. Its ergonomic driver’s workplace, multifunctional and adjustable steering wheel, and redesigned cockpit make driving as comfortable as possible and when parked, it simply becomes your mobile office.


Always there for you

Be prepared for almost anything with the safety systems in the Transporter. The driving systems can safely intervene, helping to reduce the risk of accidents on the road.


Crosswind Assist

As part of the Electronic Stabilisation System (ESP), this applies the brakes if the vehicle encounters a strong crosswind. Standard across the range, this feature is activated automatically when travelling above 80km/h.

Lane Assist

Available as standard, Lane Assist countersteers the vehicle if the driver unintentionally drifts from a lane. The system also emits audible and visual warnings via the multi-function display to alert the driver of danger.




Park Assist

This standard feature aids positioning into parking spaces. When reverse gear is engaged, the vehicle automatically assumes control of the steering. All the driver has to do is operate the clutch, accelerator and brake.


Side Protection

Available as standard, Side Protection alerts you with visual and audible warnings if you’re getting too close to other vehicles, pillars, walls or pedestrians.


Adaptive Cruise Control

The optional Adaptive Cruise Control ACC automatically adapts your speed to that of the vehicle driving in front and maintains the distance set by the drive – remaining within the set speed.

More comfort, more connectivity

The Transporter makes your journey as comfortable as possible with intelligent mobile online services and next-generation infotainment systems. The new infotainment systems are fully touchscreen and feature redesigned graphics.


Discover Media Pro

Make the most of the Discover Media’s large touchscreen and connectivity to stay informed on the road. The 2D/2.5D navigation comes with maps displaying a range of useful information such as points of interest and speed limits. To help you avoid congestion, this system even offers you three routes – fast, short and eco-friendly – using live traffic updates.

  • 9.2″ colour touchscreen with proximity sensor
  • Two USB type C ports

Multi-function leather steering wheel

As well as offering grip and comfort during your travels, the multi-function leather steering wheel gives you fingertip control of functions including the radio and cruise control.

Composition Colour radio system

The Composition Colour system is your gateway to digital radio and total smartphone integration. This system comes with:

  • 6.5″ colour touchscreen
  • DAB+ radio
  • Two USB type C ports
  • App Connect featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile online services with Volkswagen We Connect, thanks to an integrated SIM

Carefully planned right down to the smallest detail

4MOTION all-wheel drive

Four times the power

Power alone is not enough. The optional 4MOTION all-wheel drive makes sure you can always work wherever you are needed. Using an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch on the rear axle, the all-wheel drive system automatically adjusts the power transmission to the current driving conditions. The system’s lightweight design provides the foundations for an optimum driving response and a dynamic ride.


Dual clutch gearbox

Pulls through even the toughest jobs

Straight up a steep slope with a trailer: the dual clutch gearbox (DSG) shifts gear without interrupting the tractive force and also automatically learns to adapt to the driver’s style.


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Tail end solutions

A tail end solution for every problem

Transporting bulky material? Want to quickly transform your vehicle into a rain shelter? Fancy letting more light into the load compartment? The Transporter 6.1 has the right tail end solution for your needs.

Tailgate without window: The tailgate without a window creates a large opening height of around 2,200 mm, making loading and unloading even easier.

Tailgate with window: The tailgate with an extra large window improves visibility to the rear.

Rear wing doors with window: The rear wing doors with windows expand the visibility thanks to a narrow central pillar in conjunction with extra wide windows.




Radio system

Part and parcel of the perfect sound

Your favourite songs, radio dramas, podcasts or simply a really good radio station – whatever you like to listen to on long journeys, our radio systems provide you with everything you need.

“Composition Colour” radio system
  • 16.5 cm (6.5 inch) colour touch display
  • 4 x 20 watts power with four loudspeakers
  • SD card slot, two external USB ports plus Bluetooth interface

"Discover Media" navigation system

Arrive safely at your destination

When you’ve got one appointment after another, you have no time for detours. With the optional “Discover Media” navigation system, you can get to your destination without any detours and listen to your favourite music at the same time. With perfect sound quality of course.

  • 20.3 cm (8 inch) large colour touch display with proximity sensors
  • 4x 20 watts power and four loudspeakers
  • Hybrid navigation, a selection of different map options and free map updates online
  • Two external USB ports and Bluetooth interface
  • Hybrid voice control and online radio
  • Supports wireless App-Connect

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

Warm in the front, fresh in the rear

A feel-good temperature in the driver’s cab. Fresh air in the load compartment. Our heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems make sure that you can work well in your Transporter. When driving, when sorting your documents, and when loading and unloading the vehicle.

Air conditioning system in the driver’s cab with electronic controls (not illustrated)

This allows you to select the ideal temperature.

Seat heating for the driver and front passenger (not illustrated)

With separate controls for heating the seat cushions and back rests.

Heated rear window (not illustrated)

The heated rear window quickly ensures reliable visibility to the rear.

Hill Descent Assist

To make sure your job finishes on a high

Scaling the heights with a fully loaded vehicle: the optional Hill Descent Assist allows you to drive down slopes in a safe, controlled way, thanks to the engine management’s ability to govern the engine speed, and apply the brakes if necessary.

Mechanical differential lock

From traction to protection

Providing additional support to the 4MOTION all-wheel drive, an optional mechanical differential lock is available for the rear axle. This makes it easier to pull away in tough off-road conditions and transforms the Transformer 6.1 into one of the best off-road vehicles in its class.


The Transporter Variants

Transporter Runner

Price incl. GST


Equipment Highlights:

  • 5-Speed manual or 7-speed DSG transmission
  • Fuel efficiency from 7.4L/100km
  • 4-Cylinder turbo engine
  • 2-Seats
  • Payload 943 to 994kg
  • Load volume 5.8m3
  • Load compartment length 2,324mm
  • Load compartment width 1,700mm
  • Cross Wind Assist
  • Front & Rear Park Distance Control & Rear View Camera
  • 6.5” Radio Composition Colour Infotainment
  • 16” Steel Wheels

Transporter Trendline

Price incl. GST


Equipment Highlights:

  • Additional to Transporter Runner:
  • Available in short or long wheelbase
  • 7-Speed DSG transmission
  • Fuel efficiency from 7.5L/100km
  • 3-Seats
  • Payload 1,035 to 1,103kg
  • Load volume 5.8m3 to 6.7m3
  • Load compartment length 2,324mm to 2,724mm

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