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Engine power

110 kW

Fuel efficiency (3P-WLTP)




The Street-smart People Mover

The Caravelle is prepared for every moment. From modular seating to advanced passenger safety, this is a van for all your transport needs.  So that whether you’re transporting cargo or the entire family, you can rest assured with ample luggage space, driver assistance systems and safety features

Flexible seating

The number of people in your car can vary day-by-day. Luckily transporting the whole family is the Caravelle‘s forte. The Caravelle has modular seating allowing you to host up to 9 people and their luggage. How? All seats in the passenger compartment can be conveniently folded, repositioned, and removed thanks to a few thoughtful design touches.

Customised transport

High-quality materials, finishing and design creates a modern, comfortable atmosphere. Everything has been considered to deliver standout style and comfort, from your choice of seat packages to smart storage systems and a range of electronic features that make the Caravelle fit for the job.


Safety is our priority

We understand that safety is on the forefront of your mind, given the number of passengers that the Caravelle can accommodate. As a result, we’ve built many clever safety features into our people mover including Front Assist with City Emergency Brakes and Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Traffic Alerts.


Extra impressive

Incredibly flexible

Space to relax

Four suitcases for a weekend away? A last-minute weekend adventure? The modular seat mounting system with a folding 3-seater bench enables you to create more luggage space at any time. Plus, the back rests can be folded forwards to create more space and a flat surface.




Precious cargo

Driver assistance

Keeping an eye on the traffic and your new route – while still keeping an ear open for your passengers. You often have your hands full when you have a full car load. That’s why the Caravelle is equipped with state-of-the-art driver assistance systems, helping you to stay as relaxed as possible. Front and rear parking sensors to an optional lane-keeping system, Park Assist, and plenty more functions provide you with support on almost every journey.

Do you have to do a lot of manoeuvring? Our rear-view camera is available as standard.

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Comfort at its finest

Enjoy the drive

The Caravelle is designed with the driver’s contentment in mind, at every step. That’s why the Caravelle offers ergonomic seating, power-assisted steering, an adjustable steering wheel and a digitally designed dash panel. Moreover, these considerations don’t just stop at the driver, they extend to the passengers as well. The Caravelle offers upholstered passenger seating with ample headroom and legroom.



Connect with ease

The Caravelle comes with a 6.5” colour touchscreen in addition to App-Connect and Bluetooth capabilities. So that you can manage business calls, initiate optional onboard navigation, and listen to music of your choice while maintaining focus on the road.


Keep your passengers safe

The Caravelle  features an electromechanical steering system as standard, enabling a range of intelligent driver assistance systems including Crosswind Assist and optional Lane Assist, which detects road markings to keep the vehicle in its lane. Park Assist simplifies manoeuvring into and out of tight spaces by steering automatically, leaving the driver to operate the pedals.

Driver Fatigue Detections

Time for a break

The Caravelle includes Driver Fatigue Detection, a system that evaluates steering movements and other independent signals. If fatigue is detected, the driver is warned with an alarm and a signal is shown on the console display to recommend a break.


Direct-shift gearbox (DSG)

The 7-speed dual clutch DSG permits fully automatic, almost imperceptible gear changing with no interruption in power flow, which results in significantly increased driving comfort as well as better fuel consumption. You can also choose between Normal and Sport mode.



Hill Start Assist

Getting a good start

The intelligent Hill Start Assist feature allows you to make a hill start without the vehicle rolling back. If you’re on an incline greater than 5%, the system will hold your car stationary for 1.5 seconds after the foot brake is released.

Multi-Collision Brake

Reading the signs

Multi-Collision Brake detects potential collisions using the airbag sensors. If a collision is detected, the system will apply the brakes to slow the vehicle to 10km/h so that a secondary impact will be lessened or avoided. During braking, the hazard and brake lights are activated.


Carefully planned right down to the smallest detail

4MOTION all-wheel drive (optional)

Four times the power

Power alone is not enough. 4MOTION all-wheel drive makes sure you can always work wherever you are needed. Using an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch on the rear axle, it automatically adjusts the power transmission to the current driving conditions. The system’s lightweight design provides the foundations for an optimum driving response and a dynamic ride.


Mechanical differential lock

From traction to protection

Providing additional support to the 4MOTION all-wheel drive, an optional mechanical differential lock is available for the rear axle. This makes it easier to pull away in tough off-road conditions and transforms the Caravelle 6.1 into one of the best off-road vehicles in its class.

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LED Lights

Light your way

Good visibility in darkness and fog: The right lighting helps to make sure that you and your passengers arrive at your destination feeling safe and relaxed.

LED headlights: A long beam distance and plenty of lighting power: the LED headlights do more than you would expect. With their attractive lighting design, they also enhance the Caravelle 6.1’s elegant appearance.

LED tail light clusters: Long-lasting energy-saving LED technology for vehicles with a tailgate ensures you are easy for other road users to spot, even at night and in poor weather.


Chrome package

A piece of brilliance

Who says that multi-functional vehicles always have to look functional, too? With additional chrome strips on the bottom radiator grille, on the side panels and rear panel, you can add a number of chic, brilliant touches.


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Plain and clear

From practically opaque to heat-reflecting – our glazing options are capable of things that you wouldn’t immediately expect. However, one thing that is clear: that all of the options ensure a perfect view of the outside world.

Heat-reflecting glazing: Noticeably reduces heat in the interior.

Privacy glass: The darker windows in the passenger compartment provide a high degree of discretion.


Luggage compartment liner

Clean and tidy

Whether you’re transporting a net full of muddy footballs or a wheely suitcase that has been dragged through mud and wet leaves: sometimes you just have to turn a blind eye in bad weather. The lightweight, non-slip liner with a 5 cm tall rim makes this slightly easier, protecting your luggage compartment from moisture and dirt.


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Digital Cockpit

Enjoy the future standard of driving comfort today

The optional digital cockpit provides you with a good indication of where vehicle technology is heading. The navigation map can also be positioned between the rev counter and speedometer if you like. As such, you can zoom in on both map images. The digital cockpit can display the local environment, for example, while the navigations system shows a larger view of the route. Or, you can simply swipe through the tracks in your smartphone media library while you keep concentrating on the road. Got a call coming in? The contact profile illustrations allow you to pick up calls quickly and intuitively.

The high-contrast 29.7 cm (11.7 inch) LED display can be controlled with ease on the leather-covered multifunction steering wheel.

The digital cockpit displays the most important vehicle data in your direct line of sight.

Control your driver assistance systems with ease.

Pick your favourite song – while still keeping a close eye on the road.

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Navigation systems

Your destination in your sights: heading to the future

Even if you feel that no journey is too far for your passengers: you don’t really need to worry about detours these days. Thanks to modern technology, the optional navigation systems in the Caravelle 6.1 are more functional and intuitive than ever before. Extra innovative: the combination of the digital cockpit with the 23.4 cm (9.2 inch) “Discover Media Pro” navigation system. The new map function allows you to show two different sections of a map and, as a result, keep a close eye on the journey ahead.

“Discover Media” navigation system

  • 20.3 cm (8 inch) colour touch display with proximity sensors
  • 32 GB media memory, two external USB ports, Bluetooth interface, hybrid voice control, and Internet radio

“Discover Media Pro” navigation system

  • based on the “Discover Media” navigation system with lots of extras
  • 23.4 cm (9.2 inch) colour touch display with proximity sensors

Air conditioning systems

The sun is always on your side

We’re sure you are familiar with the situation: the passengers sitting on the sunny side of your vehicle slowly start to sweat. Meanwhile, those on the shady side are shivering from the air conditioning system. To make sure everyone feels comfortable in the Caravelle 6.1, special sensors automatically adjust the cooling output and ventilation to the power of the sun’s rays. Of course, the principle also works the other way round, too: if the windscreen fogs up in the winter, moisture sensors make sure that heat is automatically directed to the front and the windscreen heating is switched on.

“Climatronic” air-conditioning system (3 zones)

The fully automatic air conditioning system with allergen filter is fitted with various sensors and maintains the selected temperature for the driver, front passenger and passengers. In the passenger compartment, a second heater, extra evaporator and multiple air vents in the roof create a pleasant climate.

Radio systems

Always on board: great entertainment

Even though you sometimes encounter lots of different tastes, one thing all your passengers will agree on: a good sound. The state-of-the-art radio systems in the Caravelle 6.1 support a finely tuned balance of sound.

“Composition Colour” radio system

  • 16.5 cm (6.5 inch) colour touch display
  • 4 x 20 watts power and six loudspeakers
  • SD slot, two external USB ports and Bluetooth interface
  • optional support for We Connect Basic services

Heating systems

Keep you warm and keep the ice at bay

Whether you have an appointment first thing in the morning, or you’re climbing into your vehicle after long hard day: icy and snowy days aren’t the only time you look forward to getting into a nice warm passenger compartment. A range of heating systems help to create the perfect temperature in the Caravelle 6.1.

Auxiliary air heater

Heat at the touch of a button: the auxiliary air heater works separately from the heating and ventilation system and can be controlled using both the central control panel and a remote control. An auxiliary water heater is also available as an option instead.


Variable seating package

More space for spontaneity

Comfort headlining

Some days you may be travelling with lots of passengers – and other days you may have more luggage. With its Modular Seat Mounting system, the Caravelle 6.1 provides versatile seating options and maximum possible flexibility.

Comfort up to the roof

After getting in, you can shrug off more than just your jacket or blazer, you can get forget about your stress, too: the Caravelle 6.1’s comfort headlining is equipped with lots of little details to increase comfort levels. Thanks to LED interior lighting, folding handles and clothes hooks, it can be made a comfortable as you need it.

Your 8th and 9th senses for convenient parking

Optional “Park Assist” parking steering assistance

As an example, the clip shows the model Crafter.
Assists the driver when parking in parallel and bay parking spaces by automatically performing optimum steering movements.


Optional “Trailer Assist” trailer manoeuvring system

As an example, the clip shows the model Crafter.
Simplifies control of a trailer when manoeuvring into parallel parking spaces and with precise reversing.

Standard Rear Traffic Alert

As an example, the clip shows the model Crafter.
Assists when reversing out of parking spaces. If the driver fails to respond to the acoustic warning when a vehicle gets hazardously close, the system initiates an automatic braking intervention.

Driver assistance systems

Relaxing driving every day

Crosswind Assist and Front Assist come as standard on the Caravelle 6.1 model which ensure that the vehicle is in a stable and safe position while travelling on the road.

Optional Extras:

Optional Tyre pressure monitoring display

Optional Hill Descent Assist

Optional Adaptive Cruise Control

Optional “Lane Assist” lane departure warning system
Optional Side Protection

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